Choosing A Design

There are two circles which have to be squared when building a house. The budget and the brief. Match them, and you avoid disappointments or financial worry. The brief should look at the spaces you require and the way you will use the house. Do you like your kitchen closed off, is a utility room required, do you want the kids' rooms as far away from your own bedroom as possible?

Do you require that fourth bedroom? Do not be too ambitious with the size of house you build; its better to have some money earmarked to spend on quality finishes. It's also good to have a contingency fund in case unexpected costs are incurred after work starts on site. Remember: what is your minimum brief and what is your maximum budget?    

Once you have chosen your design, how do you place it on the site? First consideration is the topography. Where does it sit to allow minimum site clearance and the most attractive effect in the landscape? Can you relate it to existing structures or neighbouring houses? Where do you place the entrance in relation to the prevailing wind? How do you maximise passive solar gain while exploiting the views?   
Fortunately, longhouses can easily respond to these questions, as they are sympathetic to traditional rural building types, fit easily on awkward sites, and can take in views and daylight from either side of the one room.  When you choose a house design from the HebHomes range you have the confidence of knowing that it has been architect designed to the highest standards, maximising the available space within the context of a comfortable modern home.