Choosing A Design

The key question is this: what is your minimum brief and what is your maximum budget?

The brief should look at the space you require and your intended use. Will you need a room for a home office? Do you need a utility room? Do you want a separate area for children or guests?

But do you really need that fourth bedroom? Don’t be too ambitious with the size of the house; it’s better to keep some money earmarked to spend on quality finishes. It’s also advisable to have a contingency fund in case unexpected costs are incurred after work starts on the site.

Once you have these concrete requirements clear in your mind, you can take aesthetic considerations into account. Our kit house designs, inspired by Scotland’s traditional building forms, are sympathetic to the landscape and existing built environment. These flat pack homes are ready to build off-the-rack, but can also be amended to suit your needs – for example, mirrored to fit your site or adapted to better exploit the views or passive solar gain.

When you choose a house design from the HebHomes range you have the confidence of knowing that it is architect designed to the highest standards, making the very best use of money and space.