How to Order

Ordering a HebHome is a straightforward process:

1.  Register on our website and choose the house that you think best suites your needs.

2.  Contact us and arrange a meeting or consultation. Alternatively, we can start by arranging a viewing of one of our completed houses. We are happy to talk you through your options and discuss any possible changes to our designs. We can also discuss your site. We will advise on the full and partial Turnkey services and how to find a suitable agent if required (the agent is often a sole-practitioner local architect).

3.  HebHomes can act as your agent and arrange your planning and building warrant applications for you. This simplifies the process and reduces the number of consultants needed. Read here for more information.

3.  On request HebHomes will provide you with a quote for the supply of your house. This may also include an erection service and joinery pack etc. If you are unsure about obtaining planning permission we will instead issue a release letter for our drawings rather than an order form for the kit. 

4.  Once you have paid a £750 deposit and returned our forms, we will then issue our drawings for use in your planning application. This should be undertaken by your agent - if you have chosen the Planning and Warrant service then this will be HebHomes. If you are interested in a Turnkey service now would be a good time to meet our affiliated contractor so the programme can be penciled in.

5.  If Planning is successfully secured we will then prepare the working drawings for your Building Warrant application. This includes engineering the house for your specific site and producing SAP calculations depending on choices you have made (such as house position and heating). When we have prepared the drawings we will invoice for 10% of the kit price. Also required will be the site specific drawings (location plan, block plan, drainage and sewerage design, foundation design). These will be combined with the detailed architectural and engineering drawings of the house for use in your warrant appliation (building regulation approval).  These are either prepared by your agent or by HebHomes (if you have chosen the Planning and Warrant service). 

6.  After warrant has been issued we will await instruction to proceed with the manufacture of the kit.  This often comes from your contractor who will have been appointed after your agent has completed the tender process. We will order windows and producing the panel drawings for cutting the kit. 30% of the kit price is due at this stage.

7.  A few weeks before the kit is due on site, we will look for a written instruction to begin cutting the kit. 21 days before delivery to site we will invoice a further 40% of the contract price (60% if there is no installation required). You will be advised at this stage is there is a change to the provisional contract price. Only once the full panelised engineering drawings of the kit are ready can we confirm the final costs. 

8.  We will deliver the kit to your site to suit your contractor's schedule. The site will be ready for our delivery and we will check beforehand that it is suitable for our erection team (if booked). 17.5% of the contract price is due on delivery. After we have completed the erection the balance of our invoice will be issued.

9.  If ordered the joinery pack is delivered subsequently to site and the convenience of your contractor.  Likewise, if you have ordered our kitchen, bathroom or furniture packs, we will liaise to ensure delivery at the correct point in your build programme. These packs will be invoiced separately.