Planning and Warrant Service

Hebhomes has wrapped up all the consultants required for your planning and building warrant applications to provide a one-stop service. This gives control over programme, guarantees quality and means the engineer of your kit also designs your foundations.  This reduces risk and costs.  

The fee for the full service is £8,500 + vat and is payable in two stages:

Stage One of £4,900 is payable after the planning application has been lodged.  Stage Two of £3600 is payable after the warrant application has been lodged.

This fee covers a range of consultants including the architect, land surveyor, sewerage and drainage specialist, civil and structural engineer and heating system engineer.  It is a comprehensive package designed to maximise your chances of obtaining consents in the most hassle-free way.  

Stage One Fee includes for:

  • Site visit and walk over survey (if required)

  • Level site digital survey of site (presuming 1/2-acre site)

  • Section through site showing house in context

  • Block and location plan of house on site

  • All planning application administration

  • Sewerage and drainage proposal and report

  • Design Statement

Stage 2 Fee includes for:

  • Engineer's site investigation into ground conditions

  • Engineer's road design to site

  • Engineer's drainage and sewerage design

  • Engineer's foundation design

  • Engineer's specification for non-kit parts of house

  • Site specific architect's warrant drawings

  • Heating system report and proposal by consultant

  • All building warrant application administration (up to submission and dealing with points)

Not all of these services may be required and the fee can be reduced as appropriate.  Reduction for example would be £500 for site survey and £600 for the sewerage report. Often a site already has a topographical survey or is so flat one is not required. Sometimes an existing engineer's site investigation or sewerage proposal are available.  Occassionaly difficult site conditions or topography could result in additional consultant costs.  

The quoted fee does not include for the following:

  • Travelling and subsistence expenses for the consultants
  • Cost of machine and man to dig percolation and ground condition holes
  • Planning application or warrant fees to local authority
  • Landscape design
  • Surveys of existing building
  • Environmental, archaeological or animal surveys or reports
  • Meetings or additional information requested by the local authority
  • Amendments instigated by the client
  • Additional site visits
  • Dealing with Building Control or Planning after Warrant approval

Remember, this service is for non-kit parts of your project.  Drawings of the house for use in your planning application are released on payment of the £750 deposit. Full working drawings and engineering drawings are provided under the kit supply contract.  These drawings are used in conjunction with the site-specific drawings produced as part of the Planning and Warrant Service to obtain your statutory approvals.


Hebhomes also offers to undertake the Principal Designer role for a fee of £2000.  Details on this role can be found here.