Planning and Warrant Service

HebHomes can provide a one-stop service for all your planning and building warrant applications upon request.

Our full package includes use of a range of consultants including the architect, land surveyor, sewerage and drainage specialist, civil and structural engineer and heating system engineer. It is a comprehensive package designed to maximise your chances of obtaining consents in the most hassle-free way. The engineer of your kit will also design your foundations, which reduces risk. 

The fee for the full service is £8,500 + vat and is payable in two stages:

At stage one, the first payment £4,900 should be made after the planning application has been lodged. This fee will include:

  • Site visit and walk-over survey (if required)
  • Level site digital survey of site (presuming half-acre site)
  • Section through site showing house in context
  • Block and location plan of house on site
  • All planning application administration
  • Sewerage and drainage proposal and report
  • Design Statement

At stage two, the remaining £3600 is payable after the warrant application has been lodged. This fee covers:

  • Engineer's site investigation into ground conditions
  • Engineer's road design to site
  • Engineer's drainage and sewerage design
  • Engineer's foundation design
  • Engineer's specification for non-kit parts of house
  • Site specific architect's warrant drawings
  • Heating system report and proposal by consultant
  • All building warrant application administration – up to submission and dealing with points

It may be that not all of these services may be required – if so, the fee can be reduced as appropriate. For example: if a site survey is not required, the fee might be dropped by £500. Or if an existing sewerage proposal is available, the fee might be reduced by £600. Very occasionally, difficult site conditions or topography could result in additional consultant costs. 

The quoted fee does not include the following:

  • Travelling and subsistence expenses for the consultants
  • Cost of machine and manpower to dig percolation and ground condition holes
  • Planning application or warrant fees to local authority
  • Landscape design
  • Surveys of existing buildings
  • Environmental, archaeological or animal surveys or reports
  • Meetings or additional information requested by the local authority
  • Amendments instigated by the client
  • Additional site visits
  • Dealing with Building Control or Planning after Warrant approval

Drawings of the house for use in your planning application are released on payment of the £950 deposit. Full working drawings and engineering drawings are provided under the kit supply contract. These drawings are used in conjunction with the site-specific drawings produced as part of the planning and warrant service to obtain your statutory approvals.

The Principal Designer role is now a statutory requirement.  This can be undertaken by Hebhomes and is provided as an option in our appointment.  The cost is £2,000.