Your Tourism Business

HebHomes provides an off-the-shelf solution for developing your tourism business. We have been working closely with estates and hotels to expand their facilities, helping them offer higher quality, higher return accommodation for the burgeoning tourism market.
Our customers have found our designs ideally suited to the holiday let business, as the open-plan interiors coupled with large areas of glazing create special retreats for those seeking a special holiday. These are being let at occupancy and rental rates well above those of competitors meaning that our houses can represent a profitable investment, generating healthy yearly incomes while retaining a long-term valuable asset.
We have also designed accommodation, such as the TH range, which can be operated as a guest house while maintaining privacy for the homeowner.  
Why not find out the experiences of others who have used HebHomes or Dualchas house to establish a tourism business? Contact us on 0141 550 7360 and let us help.