HEBHOMES is inspired by a deep commitment - that our landscapes and our environment are precious. This means not only considering the energy efficiency of our designs, but also how our designs fit in to our landscapes, so that they are enhanced, rather than desecrated.

Our customers are also inspired by a similar motivation. They want an energy efficient modern house, with beautiful interiors and expansive glazing so that they can enjoy the splendour of the views. But they also want to know that their house is comfortable in its setting.

We believe that we achieve this by following the examples of the past - by using the simple narrow plans and careful proportions of northern European rural architecture, our houses have a cultural continuity which means they look as if they belong - even though they are modern in design and technology. Our hope is that future generations will recognise this and cherish the HEBHOMES house as part of their own cutural heritage.

Good architecture can help make wonderful places even better.



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April 05, 2017

Free Tickets To The Glasgow Homebuilding and Renovating Show

Come along to Stand B104 to discuss your project with Architects from both HebHomes and Dualchas Architects.  Click Here for 2 Free Tickets  ...

February 21, 2017

Revised ALH301 designs

Our popular ALH301 design - which was the Dualchas Architects entry for the 2013 Our Island Home competition - has more options.  There is a slightly larger ALH301.2 version whi...