Airigh | AGH101

The Airigh (or airidh) is inspired by the sheilings (airighean) of the Scottish Highlands.  These small dwellings were used as summer houses when the cattle were out on the pastures.  Our range of buildings are a modern interpretation of this building type.  As such they can obtain planning permission in areas where housing will not be permitted.

This is the first of our Airigh range of houses.  Designed with a simple plan this building is ideal as a studio or office.  It is also intended to be used as a loom shed in the Western Isles.

The most popular external finish is stained black larch.  Profiles metal sheeting is also popular.  We can detail to your requirements and provide a partial tutnkey service where we fit the exterior cladding.

In many cases this building will come under premitted development rules so will not need planning permission.  

The kit package with a 200mm cassette floor with glulam beams is an optional extra.

Key Features

  • Excellent office
  • Designed for remote locations
  • Ideal garden building
  • Integrated decking
  • Perfect for self builders
  • Floor deck option with kit
  • Wall of glazing
  • Alternative roof shapes available
  • Alternative roof shapes available
  • Easily adaptable
  • Quickly erected and completed
  • 34m2 internal floor area
  • CLT Kit Package Price from £ 23,900.00
  • SIP Kit Package Price from £ 22,900.00