Longhouse | LH402P

This four bedrom house is an adaption of the LH402 with a ‘lean-to’ rear extension.  This provides a much larger utility room and additional storage.  There are two porch extension options.  The second option creates a much larger kitchen.  

The extension forms part of a wall of service areas that run down its back of the house, leaving the living and bedroom spaces uncluttered. The porch means mcuch larger bedrooms as well as additional storage space.  Entry is into a spacious wind lobby which has seating for removing boots to the left, and a handy utility room to the right. This leads onto the open plan dining and living room.  These are defined by a change in volume with a spectacular double-height space bringing real architectural drama. The kitchen is separate but sliding doors means that the host/hostess can easily talk to guests while serving dinner, or close off the bùrach if required.

A feature stair from the dining room leads to the attic space and the third and fourth bedrooms. With twin skylight, built-in drawers and coomb cupboards, these rooms are extremely functional and airy.  The fourth bedroom is often used as a study and can be opened up as a gallery.  The ensuite is carefully designed with provision for a large shower.  

Key Features

  • 4 bedrooms (2 down, 2 up)
  • Large back extension
  • Two of the bedrooms are ensuite
  • Separate kitchen area
  • Large lobby and utility spaces
  • Frontage: 17m Width: 8.2m
  • 189m2 internal floor area
  • CLT Kit Package Price from £ 69,500.00
  • SIP Kit Package Price from £ 66,900.00