Whitehouse | WH302

The WH302 is a dramatic re-imagining of the ‘whitehouse’ concept. Still true to the original proportions of the traditional buildings, this modern interpretation locates its three bedrooms on the ground floor, and a stunning open plan living area under the open coombed roof.

The house is entered via a rear extension comprising wind-lobby, utility room and storage space. A hallway leads to three bedrooms and two bathrooms, each with direct access to the garden via sliding glass doors. Upstairs, the open kitchen, dining and living areas are flooded with light from square dormer windows. The wood-burning stove forms a natural focal point.  A small WC is also located on this floor, according to building regulations.

Key Features

  • 3 bedrooms
  • first floor living
  • Frontage: 14.1m Width: 8.6m
  • 148m2 internal floor area
  • CLT Kit Package Price from £ 93,720.00
  • SIP Kit Package Price from £ 78,100.00