Whitehouse | WH402

Our Whitehouse range of kit houses has been inspired by the classic Hebridean cottage, characterised by its white rendered walls, slate roof and attractive dormer windows. These buildings supplanted the traditional ‘blackhouse’ form and became commonplace across Scotland – as such, planning concerns should be mitigated.

This three-bedroomed design, which faithfully echoes the classic whitehouse form and proportions, is ideal for areas where planning restrictions encourages traditional forms of architecture.

Entry is through a ‘lean-to’ extension to the rear of the building which includes a utility area and a shower room. The main space of the house is taken up by a farmhouse-style kitchen, divided from the main living space by a central stair. This leads to three bedrooms and a shared bathroom on the first floor.

Many pre-fab house companies try to replicate the whitehouse look but get the proportions of wall to roof incorrect, the result being buildings with an awkward appearance. This design is so carefully proportioned that it is difficult to distinguish from an original whitehouse.

Amendments to the layout are possible – for example, the addition of an en-suite bathroom to the larger bedroom, or the combining of the smaller bedrooms to make one larger room.

Details and external materials can also be changed according to your local vernacular, or to meet planning guidelines. This may be particularly important if you live in a conservation area or a national park.

It can also be provided as a timber frame house upon request. See bespoke for more information, or contact us directly with your requests.

Key Features

  • Beautifully proportioned
  • large utility
  • farmhouse kitchen
  • open plan
  • traditional form
  • Frontage: 10.8m Width: 8.4m
  • 116m2 internal floor area
  • CLT Kit Package Price from £ 58,200.00
  • SIP Kit Package Price from £ 63,200.00