Whitehouse | WH502

The WH502 is the same as the WH402 except with a sitting room extension to the gable.  This is ideal for a family who would like a separate living and lounge area - a place for the kids and a quiet place for the adults.  The extension is timber clad, ensuring that the beautiful classic proportions of the whitehouse are not compromised.

This style of house is ideal for rural areas where planners may have strict views of house style.  Unlike many poor-quality copies, this design - because of its narrow plan and precise proportions - will fit in beautifully to the rural landscape. As with all our designs, however, there is real joy in the interior spaces.
There is one large bedroom and two smaller bedrooms upstairs.  An ensuite can be added to the larger bedroom or the two smaller bedrooms could be combined into one larger room.  More storage can be added. 

Details and external materials can be changed to meet the local vernacular in your area.  This may be particularly important is you stay in a conservation area or a national park. 

Key Features

  • 3 bedrooms
  • Large utilty
  • Farmhouse kitchen
  • Open plan
  • Traditional form
  • vaulted living room
  • Frontage: 16m Width: 8.4m
  • 138m2 internal floor area
  • CLT Kit Package Price from £ 68,600.00
  • SIP Kit Package Price from £ 75,400.00