Advantages of SIP



Speed Of Construction

Building with Sips is a fast construction method. It is entirely possible for the SIP "shell" to be completed within 7 days.


Design Flexibility

Sips can be fabricated to suit any design of building, allowing architects the flexibility and creative freedom to create aesthetically pleasing designs.


Environmental Sustainability

There are several environmental reasons to choose Sips:

Building with Sips produces less waste than with other techniques.
SIP-built houses are highly energy efficient with the result that they are easier to heat - this means less harmful co2 released into the atmosphere.
Very little energy is used during the SIP manufacturing process.
Sips use up to 50% less raw timber in construction, compared with conventional timber frame buildings.


Excellent Sound Proofing

SIP panels have excellent sound absorption properties with the result that the finished buildings are quieter to live in.


Structural Strength

SIP walls can be up to 7 times stronger than conventional timber frame.


Excellent Thermal Performance

The insulation is integral to the SIP system, and therefore does not require installing at a later date. The superior thermal performance of a SIP structure will last the life span of the building, due to the solid core of insulation throughout the structure. This means that the building is heated evenly, free from cold spots and benefits from reduced heating costs.


Extra Space In Your Home

The strength of SIP structures allows for smaller wall widths and means that bulky roof trusses are not required. These factors can add up to 10% of extra floor space within your home.


Excellent Resale Value

The benefits of SIP, such as low running costs and environmental sustainability, are increasingly recognised. This means that SIP houses are attractive to future buyers.



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