Your Tourism Business

At Heb Homes we have developed our designs so that you can develop and run your tourism businesses.  Many of our existing customers have found that our designs are ideally suited to the holiday let business, as the high quality interiors coupled with the large areas of glazing means that they are beautiful retreats for couples or families looking for a special holiday.
Already being used as self catering homes, these are being let at occupancy and rental rates well above those of nearby units so that our houses present a highly profitable investment, generating healthy operating profits; early return on investments made while retaining a long term valuable asset.
We have also designed accommodation, such as the TH range, which can be used as a guest house, while maintaining privacy in a part of the house for the homeowner.  For hotel groups looking to expand their accommodation, and looking for simple, flexible and beautiful accommodation which comes off the shelf, the HebHome is ideal. 
Drawing on our experience of designing such houses; our experience of self-catering businesses; and the lessons of those who are already operating successfully holiday let businesses using our houses, we have pulled together a brief guide to help others establish such businesses.
Firstly, in considering if a holiday let business using a HebHome is right for you, why not use our free financial forecast service.  Contact us at 0141 550 7360 and we will produce an estimated annual net income and the number of years until you recoup your initial investment.  This will be customised to the location of your proposed units, the house(s) you plan to use and any other special circumstances.  
Why not find out the experiences of others who have used a HebHome or Dualchas house to establish a tourism business?


March 15, 2018

Hebhomes Recruiting

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January 10, 2018

Dream house on Skye for Sale

Two Dualchas-designed properties in Sleat on the Isle of Skye have come on the market.   Tigh na Drochaide in Duisdalebeag is a version of a HebHomes LH202P. It has 4 bedrooms, open plan...