Turnkey Service
Embarking upon a ‘self build’ house project does not mean that you will have to get your hands dirty. There are many approaches, requiring varying levels of involvement – and it is totally up to you how much help you would like to get from us.

You might be an experienced builder or project manager. Or you may have strong contacts in the construction industry, and a particular contractor in mind. But many of our clients do not.

For clients in Scotland (and the rest of the UK), we are able to offer what is called a ‘turnkey service’ – that is, directing and managing the project from design to completion, so that all you have to do is turn the key.

Our turnkey service is an increasingly popular option, as it adds certainty and minimises stress. So why not allow HebHomes in-house architects, plus their team of experienced consultants and affiliated contractors, lead you through the whole project from start to finish?

What’s different?
The traditional procurement process would normally see a quantity surveyor or architect tendering your house after the warrant has been approved. That agent would then advise you which contractor to choose, then draw up the contract. This process can typically take two to three months, sometimes longer.

In our turnkey package, we would instead arrange for one of our affiliated contractors to be introduced to you at an early stage, allowing costs to be firmed up quickly and allowing for a quick start on site as soon as approvals come through.

In our experience, our contractors will build to a higher quality – and often cheaper – than local contractors, thanks to their experience with our products. They’ve built our houses so many times that costly mistakes can be eliminated, and they know the quality we and our customers expect. 

If this sounds good to you, maybe our turnkey packages could be an option.

Full and partial turnkey
We option two types of turnkey service: first, our ‘complete’ service, in which we take responsibility for the entire house, inside and out; secondly, a ‘partial turnkey’ service, in which we complete the structure and exterior of your house – preparing the site; putting in the services, foundations and slab; erecting the flat pack house kit; and then complete the external claddings on the walls and roof – before handing it over. At that point you can ask organise local tradesmen or a local contractor to complete the interiors.

There’s an opportunity to save money here, by employing the tradesmen directly or using friends and family to help complete the house. The partial turnkey service is also a particularly attractive option for those building in a remote location where there are few local contractors – or if the good ones are unavailable when you need them.

We can do the difficult bit quickly, and the rest can be finished at your leisure!

If you do decide for a turnkey house package, we would encourage you to use an independent quantity surveyor to check the figures, to give assurance that our prices are fair.

You may also want to engage the quantity surveyor to administer the contract with the turnkey contractor (which is separate from the HebHomes contract). However, with full NHBC warranty provided, you may decide this is an unnecessary expense.

If you are still not happy with the turnkey price, there is nothing to stop you changing your mind and putting the project to tender to see if you can obtain a better price.

This service may not be appropriate for all locations, or there may be other reasons our affiliated contractors may be unable to undertake the work. A final decision on whether you would like a turnkey service is not required until after the building warrant has been approved. If you are interested in this service it would, however, be best if you notified us at an early stage so that we can programme your build.