Hebhomes can offer a full turnkey service to our clients.  Using in-house architects at HebHomes, a team of experienced consultants, and our affiliated contractors, we can take you through the whole project - from start to finish.  This is an increasingly popular option as it adds certainty and minimises stress.
Traditional procurement would mean a QS or architect tendering your house after warrant has been approved.  This agent will then advise which contractor should be used and organise the contract.  This can typically take two to three months, sometimes longer. 
Instead of this tendering process we can arrange for one of our affiliated contractors to be introduced to you at an early stage, firming up prices when site information is known and allowing for an quick start on site as soon as approvals come through. 
In our experience our contractors will build to a higher quality and often cheaper than local contractors.  The reason is that they have built our houses so many times that mistakes are eliminated and they know what quality we and our customers expect.  
If you do decide on the turnkey option we would encourage you to use an independent QS to check the figures to give assurances that our prices are fair.  You may also want to engage the QS to administer the contract with the turnkey contractor (this is separate from Hebhomes contract).  However, with full NHBC warranty provided you may decide this is an unnecessary expense. If you are still not happy with the turnkey price there is nothing to stop you changing your mind and tendering the project to see if you can obtain a better price. 
Hebhomes also now offers a partial turnkey service.  This means we prepare the site, put in the services, foundations and slab, erect the kit and then complete the external claddings on the walls and roof.  You can then organise local tradesmen or a local contractor to complete the inside.  This is a particulary attractive option in a remote location where there are few good local contractors or the good ones are unavailable when you may want them.  We can do the difficult bit quickly and the rest can be finished at your leisure.  There is obviously an opportunity to save money here by employing tradesmen directly or using friends and family to help complete the house. 
A decision on whether you would like a turnkey service is not required until after warrant has been approved.  In some cases the location may make this service inappropriate or our affiliated contractors are unable to undertake the work.  If you are interested in this service it would, however, be best if you notified us at an early stage so that we can programme your build.