Bespoke Design

Design Flexibility:

Each of our beautiful flat pack homes has been carefully designed so as to be an easy, affordable, off-the-rack solution to your housing needs. However we also have the flexibility to make amendments to a design should you or the site require it.

For example, a house plan could be mirrored to make best use of space at your site. Or, a larger window could be added to the gable end, or an extra roof light inserted to make the most of a plot’s beautiful views. Other clients have added an internal gallery or an entrance wing, to create a unique feature at their property.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your ideas for design amendments with one of our architects. Simple changes can often be undertaken for no extra charge, although those affecting the kit structure – thus requiring re-engineering and remodelling – will impact on the house kit price. We are also able to supply many of our designs as timber frame houses.

Bespoke design:

However, if you have a clear design vision for the house of your dreams you may prefer to let our sister company Dualchas Architects undertake your project. Dualchas is a full-service architecture practice and is now widely recognised as one of Scotland’s leading innovators in housing.

Dualchas are affiliated to the Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland (RIAS), the professional body for architects in Scotland, and has experience in projects large and small, in Scotland and further afield. Visit the Dualchas website for further details and to view their substantial project portfolio.