Flat pack homes do not have to be eco-unfriendly homes. At HebHomes we value energy efficient and environmentally sustainable design.

Construction and the built environment accounts for about 50% of all waste in Scotland. As homes are such a major use of resources, we believe it is vital we design for the future with minimum impact on the environment and future generations. 

The materials in our standard house kits are chosen carefully to make sure we use the best possible material selection and components for longer life cycles. This means the building will last longer, and generate a smaller carbon footprint both during construction and over its lifetime. For more details, see the zero-carbon homes page.

We encourage locally sourced materials and services as part of our supply chain wherever possible and choose partners that have a sustainable approach to business.

Our partner Locogen Energy Services can carry out an appraisal of your heating, ventilation and renewables options as part of our planning and warrant service, and present you with a list of recommendations and costings independent of any manufacturer.

Often our clients will choose suppliers that have been tried and tested by our affiliated contractors, ensuring best outcomes in performance and reliability. See technical information for more information about the systems we use.