"I have to say that I am delighted with the product. The SIP system is excellent, and the design is even better on the ground than it appeared on paper."

Graham Sharp

"What I love about my house is the connection between inside and out. The full height glazing means that the landscape seems incredibly close, yet I can shut the windows to a storm, draw the blinds and feel warm and secure."

Margaret Robertson

Three years since completion after a problem-free build,  and the house is still a delight.  From the outside, it looks neat and compact and it sits easily in the landscape. From the inside, what is suprising is the sense of space and openness.  It’s a very efficient design, easy to maintain and with remarkable storage space, and the insulation does everything it claims to do.  Even in a fairly severe winter, we use the log fire to heat the house up when we first arrive, then the heating system maintains a comfortable temperature.  The location is perfect, and it’s easy to spend a lot of time just looking at the view.   No complaints; it’s a real success.

Prof John Caughie

"My favourite feature is the open plan living. While my house is quite compact, the lack of corridor space and high volume to my living room means that the house feels big. Many people have described it as the "tardis effect"."

Alasdair MacLennan

Heb homes have helped us realise our dream of a home on the beautiful Isle of Skye.  The process was straightforward and the finish exquisite giving us a large airy space in which to rest and relax. The large glass windows give us a breathtaking view across the sea to the mainland and feels snug and warm even during the worst of the weather.  We love it.

Donald MacKinnon

"We have had many compliments on the house and on your design and are really happy in our home."

Andy + Viv Oliver

"I love my house because in the dramatic landscape within which it sits it looks as if it has always been there. Yet as one goes through the door it reveals itself as a stylish, modern and practical home."

Anna Stewart

"Absolutely beautiful house. Everything was excellent. This place definitely deserves it's 5 star grading. You have done an excellent job with An Linnean. Beautiful decor, beautiful surroundings. A place for people who like the finer things in life."

An Linnean Guest House

"Working with Heb Homes was a very pleasant experience. Continuous advice and support made the once daunting thought of self build into simple step by step process of building our dream holiday home. We now own a beautiful longhouse which is admired by all our guests."

Alan Campbell

"Ralph Baillie house the name Hygge. We heard it on Neil Oliver's Coast program and it's a Scandinavian word without direct translation but which encompasses family, friends and cosiness, typified by a family gathered round the fire at Christmas time and it is so apt for the feelings we get whenever we enter the house. Once through the door, an atmosphere of calm and warmth is felt by all who enter and that is quickly followed by an immense appreciation of the seascape view through the panoramic window."

Ralph Baillie