Delivery Costs

Please note: delivery is excluded from the kit prices and is charged at cost.

Delivery costs can vary a great deal, depending not just on the distance the kit has to travel, but on the size and weight of your kit, the difficulty of site access and whether ferries are involved. However, we have created this basic map to give you a general idea of what cost might be involved. This assumes delivery on one 17m lorry; in the case of our larger models, two lorries will probably be required.

This does not include ferry charges for island deliveries. Delivery of cross-laminated timber from our supplier in Austria to HebHomes in Scotland is included within the house kit price. 

Zone one: approx. £1200

Zone two: approx. £1600

Zone three: approx. £2000

Zone four: approx. £2400

Zone five: approx. £2800

Zone six: approx. £3200