Delivery Costs

Delivery is excluded from the kit prices and is charged at cost.  

This is because delivery costs can vary depending not just on the distance the kit has to be delivered but also whether ferries are involved, if the kit has to be transported on two lorries, if more than one driver is required and if double handling (such as transferring the kit to a trailer) is necessary because of difficult access conditions.

We have provided this basic map which shows general costs for delivery on one 17m lorry. On larger kits it should be presumed that two lorries will be required. This does not include ferry charges for the islands. Delivery of the CLT from Austria to HebHomes in Scotland is included within the kit price. 

Zone 1 - approx £1200

Zone 2 - approx £1600

Zone 3 - approx £2000

Zone 4 - approx £2400

Zone 5 - approx £2800

Zone 6 - approx £3200