Technical Info

Technical Info

High Performance Windows and Doors:
Our high quality windows and doors can provide a net gain to the energy performance.
We have very low u-values with our standard product manufacturer (Nordan) of 1.2 W/(m².K), however we also offer upgrades to triple glazing and passive standard windows up to 0.7 W/(m².K).

Solar Gain and Shading:
Our designs have large glazing areas which we orientate facing south to maximise solar gain. In some cases, glazing should have solar protection to avoid overheating in the summer. The design of the MVHR system can mitigate this risk with summer bypass extract ventilation.

Smart Ventilation Design: 
Although natural ventilation design is possible with our highly air tight construction details and low infiltration rates, we recommend installing a ventilation system. Under building regulations low air test results mean you are forced into mechanical ventilation in any case of which there are several options. The most efficient systems are automated and can act as climate control for your home. Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery (MVHR) systems have extract and supply air terminals in all rooms of the house going back to a central unit controlling the air in an efficient and balanced way. This system is designed by our service engineering specialists and has the following advantages over a natural ventilation strategy:

  • It will mitigate the overheating from areas that may rise in temperature due to passive solar gain.  It achieves this by constantly changing the air in circulation and has a ‘summer mode’ to reduce overheating by avoiding the heat recovery function.
  • It will be more energy efficient with better airtightness possible. Building regulations require a mechanical system to be installed when the compulsory air test figure is below certain levels. An airtight building is more energy efficient by retaining the heat and should be achievable with a new build property. 95% of the heat can be recovered.
  • All the air in the home is filtered and fresh with the entire volume of air changing every 30 minutes. This reduces moisture, pollutants, odours and humidity, which helps with health and allergies, security (windows can be all shut and locked in summer) and peace and quiet (you can fully shut windows from outside noise).

For more information on MVHR, please see:

You can add to the energy performance of your home by generating your own electricity to be consumed yourself and also sold back into the national grid.  Solar panels, wind turbine and hydro micro-generation are now common and can be cost effective in terms of an investment for a long term income. The feasibility of micro-generation technology will depend on your suitable site specifics and our consulting engineer advice.