Longhouse | LH102PD

This is a slighty larger version of the LH102P.  The extra length to the building and the use of a central dormer to accommodate an upstairs shared bathroom, means that this is now a three bedroom house. This bathroom services two double bedrooms.  The ground floor bedroom and showeroom are also more generous in size.

The ‘lean-to’ rear extension to this house provides a utility room and additional storage which is very useful for those wishing to make this their permanent home.  The extension also allows for the kitchen/dining area to be bigger with extra worktop space and provision for a larger dining table.  There is also an option with the bathroom in the extension which gives a much larger downstairs bedroom.

A feature stair from the dining room leads to the attic space and the two bedrooms.  With skylight, built-in drawers or coomb cupboards, these room is functional and airy.  There are generous hanging cupboards on the landing opposite the shared bathroom.  The bathroom is carefully designed with provision for a bath and/or shower.  

The design can be amended, for example to provide more storage or separate living space, to suit your particular needs.

Key Features

  • 3 bedroom house
  • Small footprint
  • vaulted ceiling
  • Bathroom within box dormer
  • passive solar gain
  • Traditional simple form
  • Frontage: 14.1m Width: 8.1m
  • 130m2 internal floor area
  • CLT Kit Package Price from £ 55,600.00
  • SIP Kit Package Price from £ 50,400.00