Longhouse | LH502P

This house is the LH502 but with a porch extention.  There are two versions of this, the first being the standard porch with additional lobby and utility area.  The second version allows for a larger kitchen, a larder as well as an external store.

The new LH502 design is similar to the LH402.  The main difference is that the plan has been widened which allows for a larger second bedroom, dining space and living room.  The concept of keeping a spine of services down the back has been strengthened with the main living and bedroom spaces to the front.

Ideally this house will be positioned with the service areas to the north and the large glazing south.  This will encourage solar gain and reduce heating bills.  However, it is more important that the glazing takes advantage of any views.

Because of the extra width the open plan vaulted living is even more spectacular than the LH402.  This width also allows for more generous downstairs bedrooms.    The feature stair from the dining area leads up to an ensuite bedroom upstairs and either a fourth bedroom or an office. This could alternatively be used as a gallery space overlooking the living room.

Key Features

  • 4 bedrooms
  • lobby and utility
  • alternative porch options
  • Open plan living
  • glazed walls
  • vaulted ceiling
  • Frontage: 18m Width: 9m
  • 187m2 internal floor area
  • CLT Kit Package Price from £ 70,100.00
  • SIP Kit Package Price from £ 66,100.00